5/30/14 – San Diego Zoo

Ready to ride the train Elephants Giraffes Koala Climbing the koala statue Kookaburra Playground Meerkat Meerkat On the SkyTram Proof that I rode the SkyTram…. conquering fears one at a time Ready to see the polar bears Polar bear Feeding time Panda butt Hippo Capuchin Monkey face Logan waving at the monkey… Brandon yelling at […]

12/19/13 – Jingle Jog!

Logan’s school hosted a Jingle Jog for the kids – a lap around the playground with them wearing Jingle Bells on their shoes. Logan had a blast racing the other kids and jingling every step of the way! Walking in line with hands on our elbows: Jingle shoes: Start line: Off & running: Finish line […]