12 hours to go

Surgery is at 8 am tomorrow, so I’m doing everything I can to keep my mind off of it. I’ve been doing laundry, cleaning up the house, reading a book, watching television, and blogging to avoid all thoughts of eye-related things.  I’ve gotten pretty darn good at compartmentalizing… although a shrink might call it “denial” […]

“Worst case scenario, you lose an eye…”

Those are the words that came out of my optometrist’s mouth when I asked him about Lasik. No sugar coating, no warm fuzzies…. we jumped directly to the “Laura with an eye patch” visual. And yet, somehow, I’ve still managed to sign myself up for Lasik surgery. In a mere 58 hours or so, I […]

Joe Horn’s 911 call

If you haven’t heard about this already, listen to the following 911 call: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhtRr4vwo6Q Let me know your thoughts…. in my opinion, Mr. Horn is quite the badass, and took care of business. I’m sure fewer homes would get broken into if there were more Joe Horns out there. In my neighborhood, this would never happen, […]