I’ve been MIA from my own blog for quite a while now due to a slew of home improvement projects, increased mileage in the marathon training plan, and a crazy work schedule. We managed to successfully (somewhat) tile the bathroom floors a few weeks ago. Not our best results ever with a home improvement project, […]

Death of the Xbox 360

I knew it was going to happen sometime. I finally got the 3 rings of death on my Xbox 360 last week. But I have to give credit to Microsoft for actually owning up to their problem and extending the Xbox warranty to three years after purchase. It took them a while to admit that […]

More Running Playlist Additions

I’m finding out quickly what songs seem to work better than others. Just a few additions this time. Sevedust — Driven Buckcherry — Crazy Bitch There are a few that I’m on the fence about removing, but I’m sure some of them at least will be coming off soon.