Welcoming myself to the 21st century

I have finally, in 2008, discovered the fun in podcasts. I know, I know, I’m only about 5 years behind, but I never really got into the podcast thing before. I wanted my iPod for music and nothing else. Audiobooks put me to sleep, and I really had no interest in listening to someone else […]

The “big” picture

This marathon was a spiritual event for me. I certainly could not have completed this of my own power, and without God, could not have done what I did. I had been murmuring prayers about this marathon for months leading up to it – for all of our safety on race day, for a safe […]

Top Race Shirts

8) “Race Official — Do Not Pass” 7) “DLF > DNF >> DNS”  (Dead Last Finish is Greater than Did Not Finish which Greatly Trumps Did Not Start) 6) “Who moved the finish line?” 5) “Pray for my brother in Iraq” – great way to get lots of folks praying and no longer thinking […]

Top 10 Marathon Moments

10)  Realizing that all those crazy things that I told myself along the route were helping - promises for shoe shopping, chanting a mantra from a friend, cheers from coworkers, etc. 9) Drawing on my little brothers with Sharpies before the race. 8) Location – seeing Disney characters all along the route & running […]

Runners are a different breed…

Runners are incredible people – I say that from an outside perspective and not about myself. Sure, there’s something a little crazy (or a lot crazy) about someone who would go out and run 26.2 miles just for a medal and a tshirt. But crazy is just where it begins. Runners are inspirational and motivating. […]

Marathon FINISHER – man, that sounds good.

The marathon is over – hooray!! While I had severe knee problems and came in much slower than anticipated, I finished the marathon. I didn’t really expect to have anywhere near the problems that I did, and would have been really disappointed in my time, but I now realize just how big of an accomplishment […]

Disney Is On Sunday

We’ll be flying out to Orlando tomorrow morning to get ready for the marathon. It’s been a long road of training and knee pain, but I’m looking forward to it if for nothing else but to get it over with. I’m going to give it my best shot with my goal being just to finish. […]

Marathon is upon us…

The countdown has made it to just one day and a few hours… I can’t decide if I’m terrified or excited. I’m ready to run the race just to be done with it at this point – it will be good for it to be over. On the other hand, though, I can’t stop thinking […]

Falling apart at 25…

So, I’ve had a really tough time with turning a quarter of a century old this year. I keep noticing things that I never would have thought twice about before… like wrinkles under my eyes that never used to be there. Or what I used to think was a freckle is now freaking me out […]