The “What Ifs”

I’m a very indecisive person, if you don’t know me. My ability to take decisive action is something I’m constantly working on, but am still not very good at. Let me give you a way-scaled-down version of what I’m talking about: I went out running this morning and made it to the corner of our […]

Indiana Jones 4

We went to see the new Indiana Jones movie yesterday. Like the rest of Gen X (and most of the Baby Boomers, too), I was thoroughly excited to go watch this movie. The first three movies (and the Nintendo game) were staples of my childhood, and I’ve watched the Indiana Jones stunt show at DisneyWorld […]

The beauty of speech

You know how easy it is to take things for granted? Your job, your family, your home, your health, the little and big things that make every day go by without you thinking about them? More and more often, I am being reminded of those things. And each time I’m reminded, I have to pause […]

How To Paint A Guitar: 5150 Project Day 18

The clear coat has been applied now. Over a couple of days I put on about 15 coats. The clear has helped to even out the tape lines a good bit. This is especially true with the white lines. The black ones are still noticeably a little heavier, but not enough to really cause a […]

How To Paint A Guitar: 5150 Project Day 15

The final color for the project is black. Only a few black stripes are needed so I decided to paint it last. My other option would have been to paint the entire guitar black first, then white, and finally red. I was worried about having to spray too many coats of white to actually cover […]

Concert season

One of the perks to living near Music City, USA, is the constant barrage of concerts downtown. It’s tough to find a restaurant that doesn’t have live music on a Friday and Saturday night around here. Everyone has open mic night or local artist night or theme music night… heck, even Dippin’ Dots is having […]

How To Paint A Guitar: 5150 Project Day 11

With the taping out of the way it is time to apply the fiesta red. First here is the head stock. Next is the body. All of these pictures are after 3-4 coats. I allowed the final coat to dry for about 20 minutes before I started to remove the tape. I wanted to make […]

Eat Pray Love

I recently finished reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. The book was recommended to me by several people, but┬áthe title┬ásounded a little too “self-help” for me, so I put it off for a long time. But I was recently on a plane for a few hours with nothing else to read, so I thought […]