How To Paint A Guitar: 5150 Project Final

The guitar has finished drying and I’ve reassembled all the hardware. Below are some pictures after the buffing, reassembly, and application of the 5150 space tape. I’ve also included a little before and after look at the guitar.







100_1157 100_1161

3 thoughts on “How To Paint A Guitar: 5150 Project Final

  1. Hey,
    Love the finished product. Just wondering what kind of wet sanding you did, since you didn’t say anything about it. Also, what kind of rubbing compound did you use?

  2. Glad you like it. I really only did the wet sanding at the end. Didn’t really feel like I needed to after each color. During the trial run on the Fender the wet sanding was one of the areas that got me into a little trouble. So I took it easy with this one. After the black stripes were dry I went over it lightly with around an 800 grit sandpaper. Then moved up from there going over it with 1000 and 2000. Finally, an electric buffer was used. I can’t remember the exact compound that was used with the buffer, but it was something common that was picked up at an auto parts store.

  3. Hey. I just bought the exact same Kramer Striker in red like yours and I intend on painting it lie a 5150. You did an awesome job and gave me inspiration on what the Striker will look like with the 5150 paint job. I know where to get the space tape but where did you get the headstock
    ” Kramer logo ” ? Thanks !!!

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