One Artist…

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like (or think will actually do this) and tag me. Try not to repeat a song title. It’s harder than you think… Laura/Brandon Your Artist: AC/DC Are you male or female: Girl’s Got Rhythm /  Love Hungry […]

Injustices of pregnancy

There are lots of little injustices to pregnancy that no one ever tells you about beforehand. Like the fact that perfect strangers think touching your stomach is somehow okay. Or the fact that people ask “how are YOU?” as though there’s a greater level of significance to how you feel now that you’re growing a […]

New Layout

Playing around with some new layouts for Thought we’d just got to a WordPress install for the main page. Maybe even combine the other blogs into this one main page. With Logan on the way we’ll probably need a way to get pictures and video out in a simple way and hopefully this will […]

Best typo ever

So, I’ve been absent from my blog for a while yet again. In my own defense, I couldn’t log into it because of my own technical ineptitude. Nonetheless, this was worth waiting for. Anyone who reads this blog and/or knows me at all knows my very low tolerance for grammatical errors. I’ve been floored by […]