Calibrating the Nike+

So, I finally broke down and calibrated my Nike+ after a year of running with it. I knew that it was a little off, because it always told me my runs were a little farther than I actually thought. After calibratign it, I found out that it’s been telling me that I was going 1.2 […]

Running Week of 8/10/2007

Saturday – 7.26 miles Tuesday – 4 miles Thursday – 3 miles Total 14.26 miles   Getting back into the swing of things this week. The long runs are getting longer. I’ll have another 7.26 this week and then move up to just under 9 for two weeks.

Nike + plugin

So I’m trying to get a Nike+ plugin uploaded to my page here. Since we’re training for the Disney Marathon, I thought it’d be cool to load all of my stats onto the blog as well. Maybe it will help keep me motivated when I’m running if I know the handful of people reading this […]

Home Improvement 101

We’ve begun construction on the deck; say a quick prayer. Â As of right now, the railing is officially gone… steps will be going up soon. I’ll have photos up when we’re done (as long as all goes according to plan).

Running July 27th – August 3rd

So this was a couple of bad weeks for my training. My foot was a little jacked up for a while and then I managed to catch the plague. I’m still in the recovery process from the illness but plan to be getting back on schedule this week. I’ve run off and on over the […]

Good books….

Due to a lot of unused vacation time at the end of the year, I’ve had the chance to read a lot lately. I’ve been able to catch up on old favorites and new books that have been recommended to me. I’ve always loved to read, but unfortunately, I let my job get in the […]

Xbox 360 – Back From The Dead

I’ve gotten the Xbox 360 back from my repair job. They did send back a console with a different serial number which confirms my suspicion that they are just shipping back refurbished Xboxes. At the moment I’m not too worried about it because the thing works at least. I haven’t done the check yet to […]