Zx1 Camera Test

So not the greatest video ever, but here is the first video we’ve shot using the new Kodak Zx1 camera. We’ll work on our skills before taking video of Logan. This choice segment is of Wicket meeting another dog while on a walk.

Xbox 360 – Back From The Dead

I’ve gotten the Xbox 360 back from my repair job. They did send back a console with a different serial number which confirms my suspicion that they are just shipping back refurbished Xboxes. At the moment I’m not too worried about it because the thing works at least. I haven’t done the check yet to […]

Death of the Xbox 360

I knew it was going to happen sometime. I finally got the 3 rings of death on my Xbox 360 last week. But I have to give credit to Microsoft for actually owning up to their problem and extending the Xbox warranty to three years after purchase. It took them a while to admit that […]

Net Neutrality for Packets

There is a post up today at Microsoft’s www.on10.net that came up with a pretty good point. There is alot of discussion going on about net neutrality and what that is going to mean for everyone. For those of you who don’t know net neutrality is a topic that is eventually going to make its way […]

Raise your hand if you know what a blog is…

Recently we tried and experiment at the office. The result of that experiment lead me to ask how many non-tech people really know what the definition of a blog is or any other “tech” term. Our experiment consisted of setting up an internal developer’s blog that the employees could read in hopes of them being […]