Gas – arrrrrrrrrrggh!

Today is my favorite holiday of the whole entire year – National Talk Like a Pirate Day. But instead of posting all my favorite pirate jokes, my “ARRRRRR” this year is not to celebrate the vocal genius of the pirate – it’s in frustration for the ridiculous fiasco I just went through to get gas. […]

Honking at Runners

What is up with people honking their car horns at me when I’m running? I’m not running in the middle of the road (I’m on the sidewalk), so I’m definitely not in the way. I’m running fully clothed, no holes in my shirts/shorts. I don’t know enough people around here that it’s just people giving […]

Catching up…

So life has been hectic & somehow almostĀ 2 months have elapsed without any blogging from me. A short run-down of what’s transpired recently, in no apparent order: Lasik was successful. Seeing at or around 20/20. I was 20/15 before the surgery, but can’t tell that much of a difference. I can see. That’s all that […]