A clean slate

University of Phoenix held our graduation ceremony this past weekend. Our graduation speaker was the same as two years ago, Bertice Berry. Bertice is a great speaker who does many UOP graduation ceremonies each year. In her speech this year, she mentioned how each day is a clean slate. She described this with a beautiful […]

FUN weekends!

Man, I forgot how fun weekends could be. It seems like for the last, I don’t know – forever?, I’ve been spending my weekends playing catch-up around the house. All week long, I’m so drained when I get home at the end of the day, that I just let all of the cleaning/laundry/yardwork pile up […]

Smurfin’ awesome!

Long live the 80s! Any child of the 80s can recall fond memories of watching the Smurfs. Those were the days… watching and learning from Papa Smurf with his red outfit, Vanity Smurf with his mirror, Handy Smurf with his hammer… oh, the list goes on and on. Who hasn’t wondered at some point about Smurfette […]

Heebie jeebies…

So I’m wandering through my house tonight, on my way downstairs with a basket full of laundry, when I notice odd things happening outside. Like flashing lights and some dude prowling around my neighbor’s yard with a flashlight. The lights were reflecting off the house around the side of the house, so I couldn’t tell if it […]