uggghhh… swimsuit season

There’s something so terribly, terribly wrong about shopping for swimsuits while it’s snowing outside. And yet, that’s what I was doing this afternoon…. freezing my bum off in a horribly-flourescent-lit fitting room while trying to find suitable swimwear for our cruise. Any girl out there knows that swimsuit shopping is generally an excruciating self-loathing process. […]

Cadbury Quest

So I just spent the past 48+ hours on a massive hunt for one – just one – original, creme-filled Cadbury egg. Not a mini Cadbury egg, not a caramel Cadbury egg, not a Snickers egg or a Reese’s egg, but a good, old-fashioned (yet smaller than in yester-year), gooey-creme-filled, chocolate delicacy that has represented […]