uggghhh… swimsuit season

There’s something so terribly, terribly wrong about shopping for swimsuits while it’s snowing outside. And yet, that’s what I was doing this afternoon…. freezing my bum off in a horribly-flourescent-lit fitting room while trying to find suitable swimwear for our cruise.

Any girl out there knows that swimsuit shopping is generally an excruciating self-loathing process. Freezing temperatures and snow outside does nothing to make this process easier.

Stores that sell swimsuits should offer great lighting, flattering mirrors, and even a complimentary spray-on tan. I would buy so many more bathing suits if I didn’t have to look at my pasty white skin, most of which hasn’t seen daylight since last August, in a fitting room mirror that might as well be in a circus fun house. Forget what I actually look like in a bathing suit, just make it look flattering on me in the store and I’ll spend twice as much money.

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