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So the Music City Marathon didn’t quite happen for me, but I’m still committed to having 2007 be the year of the marathon. Well, maybe at least early 2008. Either way a few races are on the horizon that I’m going to work toward.

The first one that I know I’m going to do is the Silver Comet Half Marathon. It comes up a short five months from now on October 27th. Technically Currahee is before it in early October, but I’m still a little undecided on that one. Three miles up, three miles down was a little rough last year. I’m going to continue to think about and who knows, maybe I’ll end up there again this year. I’d have to work on beating my 57:56 time from last year.

The half should help me spring toward my real goal of actually getting around to doing the Disney World Marathon on January 13th 2008. Today registration is at 65% capacity and I haven’t signed up yet, but as soon as I can bring myself to commit I’ll do it. I’m going to have to commit soon if I’m going to do it or the race will end up getting full.

The Franklin Classic 10K is on September 3rd of this year and is another one that is a possibility. So training all summer followed by 2 possible 10k races, one half, and one full marathon. That’s a lot of running, but where I’ve always gone wrong before was that I didn’t use each race to spring toward the next one. This year’s schedule gives me a good opportunity to do that and push me toward the actual full marathon in January.Â

I’m going to try to do more posts about each day’s training even if all I put up is a distance and a time. I’ll also put up some playlists soon as well for what music I’m listen to on the IPod while I’m training.

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  1. I’ll be going to the Dr soon about my foot. I’d like to run the Silver Comet with you. If I’ve only got 4.5 months, I guess I need to get my foot checked soon!

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