5/11/15 – Disneyland!

He decided as we got into the park this morning that he HAD to meet Anna and Elsa. They were fantastic, and after they found out that he both ran the Disney Kids’ Race AND knew karate, they made him an Honorary Knight of Arrendale! Feat of courage for Wilderness Explorer badge Rock climbing to […]

5/7/15 – Disneyland!

White Rabbit’s house… anybody home?? Trying to see if he can get the genie to come out Mom and Logan are race-ready! Got his name embroidered on the race ears for free, courtesy of a misprint on the front! Building an Iron Man car in Downtown Disney

5/6/15 – Disneyland!

Arrival at the park after our 6 hour drive! Woohoo! Gotta try it every time… Family shots: All 3 of us attempting to fit into one rocket on the Tomorrowland AstroOrbiter…. to say it was a tight squeeze is the understatement of the century. Logan’s first attempt at driving Jousting on the carousel This is […]