10/29/14 – Disneyland and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Logan was bummed that we didn’t have time to ride Pirates or the Haunted Mansion on Sunday (since lines were so long by the time we got there), so we did them both as soon as the park opened on 10/29. Logan’s love of the ride is only exceeded by his intense fear of the elevator portion. He kept wanting to ride it over and over, but never got to the point that he felt comfortable with that opening sequence. Here, he was proud of his Jack Skellington shirt in front of the Holiday Haunted Mansion (redecorated in a Nightmare Before Christmas theme for the holidays)

A few really poorly lit shots from inside the ride. We were impressed with the significant changes in theme throughout for the holiday; this is something Disney World does not do.

Checking out the Pirate gift shop while Mom and Dad take turns on Indiana Jones, another ride that doesn’t exist at Disney World:

On the Casey Jr Train – Logan was pouting because he is in the Wild Animal cage instead of the Monkey cage.

Talking to a goat in the Halloween Carnival area

Halloween Goofy!

Since we were attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party that night dressed as pirates, we had signed Logan up to join the Pirate’s League and get his face painted. Here, he is learning his new pirate name (Bart Guncheese, for the record):

And onwards to the face paint!

He’s a little too good at his pirate scowl..

Reciting his Pirate Oath

Ready for the high seas:

Pirate Island:

Enlisting Dad’s help to abscond with treasure:

And, ready for MNSSHP!

Hanging out with Duffy the Bear

The “Cadaver Dans”

Feeling pirate-y

Meeting Jack Sparrow

And a couple Stormtroopers


Pre-firework snack


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