Injustices of pregnancy

There are lots of little injustices to pregnancy that no one ever tells you about beforehand. Like the fact that perfect strangers think touching your stomach is somehow okay. Or the fact that people ask “how are YOU?” as though there’s a greater level of significance to how you feel now that you’re growing a […]

Kids in church

So I am many days delayed on this, but I’ll still vent. You people who let your children bring their whole freaking toy box with them to church (and you know who you are), need to lay up off. Please, I beg you, consider the other people sitting around you. Case in point: a few […]

“Worst case scenario, you lose an eye…”

Those are the words that came out of my optometrist’s mouth when I asked him about Lasik. No sugar coating, no warm fuzzies…. we jumped directly to the “Laura with an eye patch” visual. And yet, somehow, I’ve still managed to sign myself up for Lasik surgery. In a mere 58 hours or so, I […]

The “What Ifs”

I’m a very indecisive person, if you don’t know me. My ability to take decisive action is something I’m constantly working on, but am still not very good at. Let me give you a way-scaled-down version of what I’m talking about: I went out running this morning and made it to the corner of our […]

Frustrated beyond belief

Being an adult can be so freaking frustrating. You know, when I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to grow up. I spent every birthday just waiting until I could be another year older. My sister and I used to lay in bed at night and pretend to be “teenagers” because we couldn’t wait to have all the […]

Lies of omission?

Am I the only person in the world who feels that a “lie of omission” is still a lie? I was recently asked to do something without telling another party about it. This happens all the time, to all of us…. keeping secrets, right? We’ve been doing it since kindergarten. But this fact of omission […]

Honesty is the best policy…

What’s the deal with liars? I don’t understand how so many people feel that it’s worth it to put that much effort into a fabricated story that’s going to come unraveled in the long run. I’ve got some new folks working with me now, and I guess I took my very honest and ethical team […]

Cadbury Quest

So I just spent the past 48+ hours on a massive hunt for one – just one – original, creme-filled Cadbury egg. Not a mini Cadbury egg, not a caramel Cadbury egg, not a Snickers egg or a Reese’s egg, but a good, old-fashioned (yet smaller than in yester-year), gooey-creme-filled, chocolate delicacy that has represented […]

Maybe corporate America DOES have something right…

There is a lot to be said for personality testing. In the corporate world, (which, I must admit, I have limited experience in) I’ve been through more personality testing than I feel necessary. I’ve done Myers-Briggs, DISC assessments, the Color Code, and goodness knows how many others. I’ve been assigned to categories and stereotyped by […]