Honesty is the best policy…

What’s the deal with liars? I don’t understand how so many people feel that it’s worth it to put that much effort into a fabricated story that’s going to come unraveled in the long run.

I’ve got some new folks working with me now, and I guess I took my very honest and ethical team for granted before now. It seems that every day another wormhole is cropping up in the stories woven by these new folks.Â

To me, it just seems way too much effort to craft stories or omit truths. Brandon tells me I’m just willing to tell anybody anything, but it’s really just not worth my energy to hide something that will come out in the long run. Letting people read me like an open book is a sign of my naivety, I’m sure. But I haven’t found a downside yet, and I’ve seen way too many bad things happen when people have falsified or omitted information.

It’s that time of year, folks — Santa’s scoping out the nice and naughty. Why run the risk of the naughty list? 🙂

1 thought on “Honesty is the best policy…

  1. I generally agree. For me the path of least resistance is to tell the truth. If something is wrong, it has to be fixed. Lying will only bring more attention to the error if it gets found.
    It’s still important to keep some mystery about yourself. You don’t have to volunteer unnecessary information.

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