FUN weekends!

Man, I forgot how fun weekends could be.

It seems like for the last, I don’t know – forever?, I’ve been spending my weekends playing catch-up around the house. All week long, I’m so drained when I get home at the end of the day, that I just let all of the cleaning/laundry/yardwork pile up to the weekend. Then, come Saturday and Sunday, I alternate between working on all this stuff and lazing around doing nothing to make up for all that hard work.

So, when Brandon had a college friend come into town this weekend, I was a little thrown off. My routine got out of whack, but it paid off. We spent Saturday doing all kinds of fun things like playing Xbox, grilling out,¬†going bowling, and going to Dave & Buster’s (yeah, all in one day!!). I even managed to get in some shopping, too, while the boys went along their merry little way!!

To top it all off, Brandon and I bailed on housework even more and spent Sunday afternoon at the movies, and then played more Xbox when we got home.

It felt so awesome to have a weekend like I did as a college student… doing nothing more than having fun. Made it tough to go back to work today, that’s for sure!

It reminded me, though, that there’s no reason to blow my weekend doing “weekend chores.” If the laundry doesn’t get done, I’ll survive. The dust around the house is still going to be there next Saturday, and grabbing takeout instead of cooking isn’t a mortal sin.

Next up on my list of not-being-too-much-of-a-grown-up: buying some Mr. Bubble and relaxing away in my garden tub (which, of course, has not been scrubbed due to the “fun” weekend, but, hey, I can’t win ’em all).

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