Xbox 360 – Back From The Dead

I’ve gotten the Xbox 360 back from my repair job. They did send back a console with a different serial number which confirms my suspicion that they are just shipping back refurbished Xboxes. At the moment I’m not too worried about it because the thing works at least.

I haven’t done the check yet to see if I can tell if it has the extra heatsink, but it does seem to be running much cooler in general than the other one. It could be my imagination, but there does seem to be a difference.

So if my experience goes like some of the others reported this should last for like six months and then I’ll have to send it off again. Hopefully it won’t go that way and if I actually have the new heatsink that should help. Overall I would say the entire process was pretty painless and I don’t really have any complaints about it.

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