Concert season

One of the perks to living near Music City, USA, is the constant barrage of concerts downtown. It’s tough to find a restaurant that doesn’t have live music on a Friday and Saturday night around here. Everyone has open mic night or local artist night or theme music night… heck, even Dippin’ Dots is having Karaoke on Saturday night.

It’s sad to say, but we attended more concerts in Nashville before we lived here than we have since we actually bought a house in the Volunteer State. We’ve had good intentions in the past, fleeting moments of “oooohhhh… I want to go see them.” But short of going to see Billy Joel for free last spring (in Birmingham… not Nashville), we haven’t been to a concert since we were engaged.

This is our weekend to change that… not only are we going to the Crawfish Boil on Friday night, but we’re going to see (pause for dramatic effect) – Warrant – on Saturday night. It’s a music-filled weekend for us, for sure.

We attempted the Crawfish Boil last year but were rained out. As long as the weather holds up tomorrow, we’ll get to see 3 Doors Down (who we saw several years ago in Huntsville), Papa Roach (never seen in concert, but just discovered tonight that I actually have some of their tunes on my iPod), and Finger Eleven (a quick Google search proves that, yep, I was right, I have no clue who that is).

Warrant should be quite an experience for me on Saturday night. Brandon’s seen them live before, but I haven’t. I somehow managed to dodge the bullet every time that the opportunity for tickets came available in college. BUT, I’m secretly kind of looking forward to it. Maybe it’s just been too long since I’ve seen anyone in concert, maybe it’s Brandon’s ’80s music obsession officially rubbing off on me, maybe it’s just something fun to do on a Saturday night other than laundry…. regardless, I’m excited.

I’m officially swapping earbuds for earplugs for the next 48 hours (let’s be realistic, I love live music, but I want to still hear when I’m 60). Wish me luck!

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  1. Hearing is highly overrated. That’s one of the perks of getting old.. Huh sonny? What?! I can’t hear you, I partied too hard when I was younger.. Heck, by then I’m sure they will have figured out a way to fix it. Party on my friend and be prepared, I’m drinking a red bull 🙂

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