How To Paint A Guitar: 5150 Project Day 15

The final color for the project is black. Only a few black stripes are needed so I decided to paint it last. My other option would have been to paint the entire guitar black first, then white, and finally red. I was worried about having to spray too many coats of white to actually cover up the black and decided instead to do it last.

The technique I used was to lay down a strip of 3/4 inch tape where I wanted the black stripe to be. Then I put tape around the area and pulled up the 3/4 inch strip of tape. This gave me a clear area to spray to achieve the desired size black strip.

Here is the neck before painting…


And after…


The body before…

100_1131 100_1132

And after…


Here are the finished stripes after the tape was removed…

100_1136Â 100_1137


Next up is to apply the Kramer logo and start the clear coating process.

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