How To Paint A Guitar: 5150 Project Day 11

With the taping out of the way it is time to apply the fiesta red. First here is the head stock.

100_1090 100_1091

Next is the body. All of these pictures are after 3-4 coats.


I allowed the final coat to dry for about 20 minutes before I started to remove the tape. I wanted to make sure the tape came off cleanly so my goal was to get it all off before the paint had very much time to start curing.

Mid removal…


Completely removed…

100_1121 100_1123

100_1124 100_1125

100_1127 100_1112

Overall I am very happy with the stripes. The next step is black. I’ll let the red dry for a few days and then start on the final color before the clear coat.

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