How To Paint A Guitar: 5150 Project Day 18

The clear coat has been applied now. Over a couple of days I put on about 15 coats. The clear has helped to even out the tape lines a good bit. This is especially true with the white lines. The black ones are still noticeably a little heavier, but not enough to really cause a problem.

Overall I am pleased with the neck. I did experience a little more line bleeding with the black paint on the neck, but I can live with it. The back of the neck turned out well too.

The Kramer logo looks pretty good under the clear. The guitar originally had a plate that covered up the truss rod adjustment. If I were to put this back in place now it would cover up just a tiny portion of the Kramer logo. It looks okay without it and I will probably end up just leaving it off. I can’t really get a true replica 5150 since I’m doing this on a 2007 Kramer Striker, but that wasn’t really my goal from the beginning anyway. Considering how bad the test run on the Fender went this project has been much more stress free.

The guitar is hanging now and continuing to dry. Just to be safe I’ll probably give it a couple of weeks to dry before any wet sandingĂ‚ or buffing I do on it.

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