Fiesta Fridays!

At the office, we’ve started having “Fiesta Friday.” One of my ECs and I came up with the idea about a month ago…. rather than taking a lunch away from the office on Friday afternoons, we decided to have Mexican food and play board games upstairs in a classroom for that hour instead. It’s turned into an all-office competition each Friday. Our recent game of choice has been Catchphrase. if you haven’t played this game, it’s fantastic. It’s like a cross between Taboo and Hot Potato, and it’s quite entertaining.

We’ve managed to involve several different departments into these events, and can therefore comfortably call it “Team Building.” We play Guys v. Girls, so each department has representation on each team. It’s been a blast, and makes Friday even more fun. Since we’re all highly competitive, it’s made for some fantastic office trash talk, which keeps us on our toes all week long. 🙂

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