Playlist Additions/Deletions

I mentioned that I was going to try to make my training playlist be a work in progress by adding and deleting songs as I noticed that some weren’t working. This is the first batch of those additions and deletions.



Daughtry – What I Want

Metallica – King Nothing

STP – Dead and Bloated

Foo Fighters – Monkey Wrench

AudioSlave – Original Fire

Disturbed – Land of Confusion

Pappa Roach – Last Resort

Thousand Foot Krutch – Absolute

Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness



Britney Spears – Outrageous

Bush – Greedy Fly

Collective Soul – When the Water Falls

Madonna – Ray of Light

Roxette – Listen to Your Heart

The Veronicas – Heavily Broken

The Wreckers – My, Oh My

Avril Lavigne – I’m With YouÂ

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