Franklin Classic 10k 2007

Labor Day marked the second Franklin Classic 10k I’ve participated in. Last year I managed to come in with a pretty respectable time for me at just over 53 1/2 minutes. This year I knew I was going to be over that mark, but I still was hoping for something close to that time. What I managed to pull off was a clock time of just over 57 minutes. The chip times haven’t been posted yet, but I’m expecting about 56 1/2 minutes. I’ll probably post back with the official time once the results are up on their web site. 


Overall I think I’m happy with that time. I have to say I didn’t feel very well throughout the whole thing and I’m sure I still have a lot of training left to do before I’m going to be anywhere close to being able to run the Disney marathon. But there is still a lot of time left before January and I’m sure I’ll be ready by then. So back to distance training this week with about 10 1/2 miles for the long run.

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