Quick updates

After about 8 Diet Cokes this evening, my brain can’t turn off. Since I can’t sleep, I figured it was probably time to catch up on the blog.

In my defense, I haven’t been able to log into my own blog for the past month or so… stupid technical glitch that Brandon just showed me how to fix.

But I digress…
Alabama beat UT tonight. Freaking awesome. It’s been way too long since Alabama had a season like this and I am totally stoked. We watched the game from Mickey Roo’s before (and during) The 80s Team show, and it was excellent to watch them win while so many UT fans were there to watch. ROLL TIDE!!

In other AWESOME news, Brandon and I went to see the 2008 Tour of Gymnastics Superstars last week. Nastia Liukin (Gold Medal, All-Around, 2008), Shawn Johnson (Gold Medal, Balance Beam, 2008), Chelsea Memmel (competed with a broken ankle for USA Team), the Hamm twins (you should know them), and Jonathan Horton (Silver Medalist, High Bar, 2008) were all there. Even Shannon Miller performed (the most decorated American Gymnast – male OR female)!!! I think I was more excited than the 8-year-old girls sitting in front of me. And I KNOW I was more excited than Brandon, who was a trooper and entertained my obsession for the evening. I have very crappy video footage that I will post when I figure out how to transfer it from my camera to my blog. To further prove what a good sport Brandon is, he has not once called me a stalker, even though I’ve watched these videos almost daily since the show. He’s a good husband.

That’s all my awesome news for now. More to follow at a later date.

I think I’m going to have to go run laps around the house to burn up the rest of this caffeine.

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